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4 Ways to Naturally Hack Period Cramps

Jasmine Wicks Stephens
Let’s face it, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than realising that you can’t minimise your period cramps. Lifestyle journalist and crystal healer @disha_daswaney runs through some natural remedies.

We’ve battled through so many uncertainties from the start of lockdown like changing sleeping patterns, low energy levels and fluctuating exercise routines. The list could go on, but there’s one thing most of us probably didn’t think we would need to add to the list – our menstrual cycles.

As our bodies adjust to this new way of living, they’ve had to deal with any shifts from the inside and out. For me, this has meant that my period has felt even more of an inconvenience and it really stops me from feeling my best. And I’m sure there are more of us sharing this same thought too.

Here are some natural remedies to keep those cramps at bay.

Heal with the Power of Crystals

With their alluring shapes and multifaceted healing properties, the best crystals for menstrual cramps can save the day when you’re feeling uncomfortable. They can help our body’s balance out physically and emotionally – with each one holding a unique property.

Self-massaging with sesame oil on your lower abdomen is really effective for reducing period cramps.

Consider adding moonstone into your collection, which is deeply rooted in feminine moon energy. This is the perfect crystal for stabilising any issues relating to mood – so it really calms you down. Take into account rose quartz, which can stimulate the circulatory system and reduce any pain. Don’t forget about lapis lazuli, which is great for relieving PMS and brings immediate relief to cramps too.

Keep these gemstones in your pocket or in your surroundings when you’re on your period. For an extra boost place them directly onto your stomach while lying down and close your eyes, while focusing your energy on the area.

Harness Ancient Rituals

Growing up in an Indian household adding in Ayurvedic rituals into your everyday is quite common. These ancient secrets hold so much knowledge that and can be used to help you in daily life. In Ayurveda, there’s a belief that certain elements present in a person’s body and determining your dosha will help you figure this out. But when it comes to your period, I’ve personally noticed that regardless of your dosha these techniques work well.

Self-massaging with sesame oil on your lower abdomen is really effective for reducing period cramps. Sesame oil is rich in linoleic acid, which means it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Also, drinking a dried ginger herbal teal reduces period pain because it also contains anti-inflammatory properties, but also intercepts chemicals associated with uterus contractions.

Look to Aromatherapy

It’s time to enhance the power of aromatherapy. For years we’ve been presented with skincare products and candles with soothing properties, so it’s only natural that we use these soothing and healing properties to our advantage.

For the past few years, period apps have grown in popularity and they present so much information on your overall wellbeing

“Essential oils are brilliant for physical and mental support when you’re on your period. They do all the medical things in a natural way when reducing cramps and inflammation. Some people also get quite emotional and because your mood is connected to your nervous system, the scent can help uplift you,” said Simmone Stevens, aromatherapist and founder of Senses by Sim.

She recommends using a combination of diffusers, massage and applying pre-blended oils on pulse points for the best results. But beware of applying oil that hasn’t been blended directly onto the skin. Stevens stated: “Essential oils are so potent and really volatile. Lots of them sound similar to things you have in the garden or in your kitchen, so it almost gives people a false. Remember they are the strongest part of the plant and are potent and powerful.”

Her ideal oils for periods are lavender, geranium, black pepper and clary sage – all of which support bloating, inflammation and your mood. She added: “It’s sensible to speak to an aromatherapist because you’ll get a bespoke blend that works for you. But there is also some amazing pre-blended stuff out there you can buy too.”

Syncing Up Your Cycle

For the past few years, period apps have grown in popularity and they present so much information on your overall wellbeing – from your cravings to how to tailor your exercise routine. But most of us aren’t sure how to harness our energy.

Betty Emma Lewis-Griffiths, founder of Lunar Hood, said: “we should be celebrating our periods as women – the way our bodies are functioning and doing this process each month is amazing.” She runs monthly female moon cycle workshops to help women embrace the power of their cycle through the seasons.

She maps out a cycle based on the four seasons, so winter is when we bleed, spring is the follicular phase, summer is during ovulation and autumn is when we experience PMS symptoms.

When you’re bleeding that’s when your body is calling for you to go a bit inwards and slow down. The best thing to do is to get outside and ground yourself with nature. Walk on some grass and lying down with your womb to the earth as if you’re being held is the more nurturing thing to do,” proclaimed Lewis-Griffiths. She claims winter is a healing time and even spoiling yourself with a bath filled with rose petals also works well to fully relax.

Another top is to create a bespoke bleed box every month and start collecting nice things. By the time you start feeling sluggish on your period, it’s like a little treat to enjoy and retreat inwards.

Written by lifestyle journalist, futurist & crystal healer @disha_daswaney

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