About Faace

We live in a straight talking ‘it is what it is’ society but somewhere along the way, skincare got complicated. We started talking in types, age and ethnicities which led to skin segregation. Faace is here to change the dialogue and help you adapt your routine to your skin’s life cycles.

With 17 years of experience across the industry’s biggest brands, our founder, Jasmine Wicks-Stephens, has teamed up with an array of beauty experts to squeeze the best of skincare into Faace. Brought to you by leading journalists, make-up artists, chemists and aromatherapists, our products are prescriptive without the faff, directly addressing the needs and wants of a complexion that’s been disrupted by life. 

Tiredness, time of the month, over-exercising, over-analysing, under sleeping - we’re doing all sorts of self-sabotage to our skin. Add in the hormonal havoc that these life moments can bring, and it’s safe to say that your skin (and emotions) can become unsettled. But we’re not here to berate you. 

Science rooted

Expert backed

hormonal skin experts

vegan & planet friendly

We hear you when you describe your skin IRL

🩸'I know my skin looks rubbish, it’s that time of the month.'

😴 'My skin is so dry right now, I think it’s because I’m over tired.'

🥵 'I’ve been hitting it hard at the gym and now I’ve broken out.'

But what’s worse is that when you’re exhausted or looking burnout head on, who has the energy to study an ingredient’s list or the budget (and time) to visit a dermatologist? 

Faace brings you a does-what-it-says approach to help fix skin fast. You don’t have to think about a thing because our products do it for you. Our say-what-you-see skincare is uncomplicated, versatile and results-driven. Using natural actives to provide solutions, our expert approved and developed range is an inclusive and affordable answer to every skin situation. 

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Loved by celebs, the press (pick up a copy of Vogue, Grazia or Glamour and you’ll see us) and with multiple beauty awards under its belt (Elle, Cosmopolitan, Woman & Home to name a few), Faace has rapidly grown from a small business to a global beauty sell-out. 

Life is complicated, skincare doesn’t have to be

meet founder, jasmine wicks-stephens

A classic ‘period faace’ candidate, I could time my cycle just by looking at my skin and waiting for the disruption to unfold. Working in the beauty industry for 17 years, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to hunt out products to help pacify the problem. Except I found that I didn’t have time for an eight, five, hell, even three-step routine, especially when I had my first son in 2017. Any good habits I did have went out of the window and when brushing my teeth got bumped off the list some nights due to sheer exhaustion, I knew something had to change.

I needed a product that I could slap on and leave to do its work. I wanted it to smell good enough to give me a moment of light relief amongst the madness of being a full-time working mum and I wanted it to be super low maintenance to boot. And affordable. Which is how I came up with Faace. Fuss-free, does-what-it-says-on-the-bottle beauty. Rather than focusing on the end result (glow/hydration/skin tone) I wanted an up-front solution that focused on exactly how my skin was looking, and that would sort it out. You’re on your period/been to the gym/working like a dog and your skin is suffering? Faace has got your back.

Easy to apply (I’m always on the move and never near a mirror), I like to keep mine on my bedside table and pop it on just before I pass out every night. Then again, I’d be fibbing if I didn’t mention the one in my handbag too so that I can whip it out after a long day in London before I get home for bath duties in Brighton. 

This isn’t a solo project either. I work with a pool of professionals to ensure I’m formulating Faace to be the best it can be. Journalists, bloggers, make-up artists, aromatherapists, scientists, designers – people I’ve worked with for over a decade. The trick? Mutual respect and a joint desire to make Faace a brand worth buying. I hope you love it as much as we do!

Jas x