Fed up of makeup sliding off? This pro makeup artist gives her top tips on making that look last

Jasmine Wicks Stephens
Many things can affect how long our makeup lasts, hormonal changes during the month or just feeling the heat, we all want to glow but not sweat off our handiwork. Here’s my advice on how…

How to do lasting makeup. Skin prep is key

Avoid using makeup wipes prior to makeup application as these often leave behind residue of product on the skin. If you want to use something to freshen up skin before applying makeup, then try a toner like Pixi Glow Tonic. An exfoliating toner containing 5% glycolic acid and witch hazel, will help remove any excess oil and gently exfoliate leaving skin feeling fresher prior to makeup.

Check your primer, not all primers are designed to mattify some will be designed to hydrate a dryer skin or help makeup glide and therefore can add unwanted slip to sweaty skin. I like Sweaty Faace to prime and if skin is very oily then you could also try Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Mattifier.

Why won't my makeup stay on my face? Keep it minimal

As tempting as it is to apply more to cover a complexion where makeup can sometimes slip and slide, actually, texture and the amount of makeup you apply is key when you’re prone to things sliding on a sweaty face, and the less product you wear the less there is to move around. So, keep foundation to as minimal as possible or just conceal any areas in need and apply a gel blush for colour.

If you want to wear foundation then a water weight or tinted oil free moisturiser will sit better and won’t obviously show as things start to wear away - look for anything offering freshness or real skin texture. You could try Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Foundation or Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free Foundation.

Don’t forget to set

Whilst priming is important how you set your makeup is even more so – a setting spray and a very lightweight powder will really help to keep things in place. Mac Loose Blot Powder does this really well by holding your makeup in place but without any added texture or tone to your makeup even if you apply it several times – and realistically, topping up makeup can be essential if you’re looking to make your look last.

Not forgetting the eyes

For any sweaty face sufferers waterproof eye makeup is your best friend and thankfully there’s some great products out there to help us. Eyeshadow will slide straight off a sweaty lid if not primed. Mac Cosmetics Paint Pro Longwear paint pots can be worn alone, but when layered under eyeshadow it really cements it in place and intensifies any pigment worn over it. Apply this under your lash line too if you’re going to apply eyeliner or shadow under the lashes and it will give added staying power to all eye makeup.

Waterproof liner and mascara are a must for sweaty faces. My faves are Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara which gives natural separated lashes, but if you’re looking for a waterproof with a little more to it try Lancôme Mr Big Waterproof Mascara.

How can I touch up my makeup without ruining it?

Topping up makeup that’s started to sweat off can make things worse and you often end up patchy. To avoid this blot with a tissue to remove excess moisture and then buff the face using a duo fibre brush or kabuki brush to blend in any leftover product before re applying - and remember less is more! If you must apply powder make sure it’s a blotting or set powder in loose form, applying from a compact will simply stick to severely sweaty/oily patches.

Keep it creamy on the cheeks

Opting for cream-based blush and bronzer is a much better option for sweaty faces. As we perspire and sweat the powder particles in many blushers and bronzers can start to separate and look patchy, so I’d recommend try using a cream or gel textured blush. Favourites for me are Chanel tan de soleil de Chanel, universal bronzing for all skin tones and simple to build up colour with and Cloud paint by Glossier comes in a range of beautiful fresh gel textures.

Lucy Meyer, bridal and editorial makeup artist @lucymeyermakeupartist_

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