How I self-care: a new series. Starting with our founder, Jasmine Wicks-Stephens

How I self-care: a new series. Starting with our founder, Jasmine Wicks-Stephens

Jasmine Wicks Stephens
Some might call what Jas does as self-care as just essential care. That’s why this whole topic is interesting as self-care means something different to everyone. Journalist Fani Mari is interviewing a number of people to find out what it means to them.

Self-care is different for everyone, for someone it might be a face mask and a long bath, for others it might be a long run in the morning. Whatever your preference is, self-care is essential, it allows us to ‘recharge’ our batteries, take a moment for ourselves and this will make us better in everything else we do too. Especially now, having been indoors for so long and managing everything in our lives in ways we’d never thought possible, it’s even more important (and difficult) to manage it all within our daily schedules. Journalist @fani is introducing a I spoke to Jasmine which I’m sure you know is the founder of Faace and also founder of The Known Community, on how she includes self-care in her busy lifestyle.

As a mum, founder of KNOWN and brand founder of Faace, you must have your hands full! How do you take time for yourself?

I don’t really. On a Saturday, I might have a longer shower and spend a longer time on my self-care routine, but that’s it. Right now, with everything that’s going on, the reality of life for everyone is a lot of pressure and at times, feelings of being overwhelmed. And I think it’s important that we’re all open and honest about this. I do feel the pressure to be a good boss, a good brand owner, mum, wife, daughter (amongst other family relationships), friend, housekeeper, cook (I don’t do this). But it’s a lot isn’t it. And that’s not unique to me, I’m sure most people feel like this. So in essence, taking time out for me, comes after taking time out to be good at all those other roles first.

What’s your ultimate self-care evening?

Chocolate eclairs, and TV, no work, just relaxing. Maybe a nice drink (ideally a passionfruit margherita). Maybe a nice Sushi Deliveroo. This is in a Covid world obvs. If we were pre-pandemic, then just being out! Dinner, on holiday, seeing music, in the pub, just being out and socialising.

Do you practice yoga, meditation or anything related to that, that helps you? And if so, where does it fit in your schedule?

Last year I spent a few months doing sessions with my best friend, and general Pilates/Physio superstar Claire Mills. But, I’ve fallen off the wagon this year already… I also spent a few months doing meditation which was incredible too (I think we all did in Lockdown 1), but again, haven’t kept this up.

Can you take us through your typical day including how you add doses of self-care within it?

Get woken up by Frank (my son). Get up, have a coffee, do his breakfast, wash up, clean the kitchen, pop some washing on. Shower at a rapid rate and make the bare minimum effort to look Zoom ready (I miss clothes/proper makeup/jewellery/using a handbag a lot). Start work, have multiple zoom meetings, brainstorms, make plans for brands (including my own). Do Frank’s dinner, or sit and eat dinner with Frank and my husband Dan (usually cooked by Dan). Cuddles with Frank, bath time, story time, bed time. Sit down, pick up the laptop and carry on with work. Maybe watch an hour of something around 9.30pm (currently The Crown). Go to bed. God I sound dull don’t I?!

You’ve said Period Faace is your favourite mask, how often do you use it and how do you recommend others to use it?

I use Period Faace as an overnight treatment in the lead up to my period, during and for a few days afterwards. I add about a 10pence pieced size amount to my hands and apply all over the face and neck, then just leave it to sink in.

Is there something you’d like to add in your routine (eg. journaling, a walk) or something you want to do more off in 2021?

Moving more in general. Since working from home and not travelling into London or the office I hardly move at all. At the weekend, we’ll head out for long walks, but rarely prioritise during the week. I’m very well aware how bad this is for me, so I definitely need to make a plan for doing better here…


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