So, what do you even do in a Moon Ritual?

Jasmine Wicks Stephens
You might be seeing a bunch of posts every fortnight with #moonritual written underneath, overhearing conversations along the lines of, “Yeah, I’m sure I feel like this because it’s a full moon”, or hearing the moon mentioned every so often in yoga classes and magazine features.

Well, what’s the big deal about the moon anyway? Working with the phases of the moon can actually be a great way to explore yourself, your emotions and how you move through the world around you. If you’re interested in spirituality or personal development the moon can provide a timed framework for your practices and help you track your growth and intentions.

What you need to know

You can do a moon ritual at any phase in the moon’s 29.5 day cycle, but many people tend to focus their ritual energy on the juicy new moon and full moon. You can download a calendar app like this one, to check in to see what phase and sign the moon is in. The moon moves into a different zodiac sign roughly every 2.5 days, for example you might see that the moon is in Aquarius on one Wednesday and on the Friday it will be in Pisces.

The signs give the moon a bit of a vibe or energy that we can all connect to and they work as amazing topics to focus on and explore in our rituals. So, if the new moon is in Leo then we might want to look at how we express ourselves and our creative energy. Whereas if there was a full moon in Virgo, we’d focus on the routines and structures we have in our lives and how we can release the feelings of thinking that we’re not good enough.

The actual rituals

For both your new moon and full moon rituals or anytime you need to create a safe, sacred and serene space for yourself, here’s two ways that you can get started and add some magic to your self-care practice:

  1. In Ayurvedic teachings, spirituality, witchcraft and nature-based practices, using the elements of earth, air, water, fire and spirit are a way to reconnect to nature and optimise our wellbeing. Incorporating these elements into your rituals can offer great structure. So, think about the intention you’re setting for this ritual, or use the zodiac sign of the moon that you’re in to guide what items you’ll use to represent the different elements. For earth, you can use crystals or a bowl of soil, water can be your favourite beverage or a jug of water, fire can be a scented candle and air can be doing some smoke cleansing with dried herbs to cleanse your space. Place all of these items around you before heading into your new moon or full moon ritual. Spirit is yourself, so always begin and end your rituals by connecting to yourself or the universe.

  2. You can also use your five senses to create sacred space, which is also a great way to anchor and ground yourself in the present moment. Again, use the zodiac sign of the moon or your intention to guide the items you’ll select. For something that you can see, place a beautiful object around you. If the moon is in Pisces for example, you might want to have a calming photograph of the ocean. Have something to touch, this could be soft blanket or a crystal in your hand. Smell can be an essential oil rollerball or a familiar perfume. Listen to a chill playlist or the sounds around you and grab something to drink or a decadent baked good to seal the deal on your ritual prep.

New Moon

This is a time for bringing in new beginnings and fresh cycles. When the moon isn’t visible in the sky yet, now’s the time to get super still so you can listen in to your intuition. Check in with yourself to get clarity on where you’re at in your life right now and what you’re trying to grow, nourish and cultivate. Get your space set up, then spend time in meditation or doing some breathwork, before writing some intentions in your journal. Use the energy of the zodiac sign that the new moon is in to guide you. Write your intentions in the present tense, as if you’re already experiencing them and they can be any goals or desires that you’re focusing on at the moment. It could be around your self-care practices, relationships with others, career, travel or self-growth.

Full Moon

If you’re quite sensitive to the moon, you’ll definitely feel an energetic shift around this time and might experience some heightened emotions. Full moon hangovers are real. When the moon is at its peak, focus on spending time in reflection. Think back and note all of your wins and hype yourself up. We rarely celebrate ourselves, so have some fun and do whatever it is that feels good to you, so you can express how you’re feeling. This could be having an essential oil-infused ritual bath, a solo dance party, a good old cry or writing a list of gratitude. As it might be an emotional time for you, consider what you’re being called to let go of or any areas in need of some forgiveness. If you have any spiritual tools like crystals, you can cleanse and charge them up under the full moon, by placing them on a windowsill or somewhere safe in a garden.

Giselle La Pompe-Moore is a writer, spiritual guide, tarot reader, meditation teacher and the founder of Project Ajna.

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