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What is sexual wellness and why is it important?

Jasmine Wicks Stephens
The term ‘sexual wellness’ is relatively new, but it is rapidly becoming a key part of how we talk about our overall wellbeing, and with good reason given the myriad of benefits associated with it. Kalila Bolton, co-founder of women's sexual wellness destination SheSpot shares her thoughts.

Wellness and wellbeing have been hot topics for some time now and it’s safe to say that many of us are acutely aware of the importance of looking after our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. We invest time in exercising and keeping fit, as well as making efforts to follow a healthy and balanced diet. Most recently the concept of mindfulness has attracted interest given its role in supporting our emotional wellbeing. But what about our sexual wellness? At SheSpot, a women’s sexual wellness brand, we believe that just like exercise, nutrition and sleep, sexual wellness and health should be integral parts of our overall wellbeing. Here’s why…

Sexual wellness is about experiencing pleasure and connection to the desires and needs of your body, as well as feeling more deeply connected to those you engage with intimately. Whilst often thought to refer solely to masturbation and intercourse, sexual wellness encompasses so much more than this - it’s about tuning into your body, exploring how you feel about sex (both alone and with a partner), and taking the time to discover what gives you pleasure.


What does sexual wellness involve?

  • Experiencing and exploring intimacy and sexual pleasure with one’s self
  • Tuning in to your desires and pleasure. What do you want, enjoy and like?
  • Engaging in a more open conversation about sex and pleasure, perhaps with a partner or friends
  • Having access to trusted and reliable sexual health information and education
  • When practicing sex with a partner, practicing safe sex to support good sexual health


Why is sexual wellness important?

There are many benefits to incorporating sexual wellness into our overall wellbeing regimes. Here are some of our favourites…


1. Health benefits

Pleasure is good for you! As well as being *very* enjoyable, masturbation and healthy sex can have tangible health benefits.

  • During orgasm oxytocin and dopamine are released which boost feelings of happiness and intimacy. There’s no better feeling than the post orgasm glow!
  • Studies suggest orgasms release prolactin and other chemicals that flush cortisol out of the body, helping to lower our stress levels and promote better sleep.
  • Research also indicates that vaginal stimulation can not only raise pain threshold but also block chronic back and leg pain, as well as menstrual cramps and headaches!


    2. Improved sexual pleasure and healthier sex

    Exploring your sexuality through masturbation and self-care will almost certainly boost your understanding of your own pleasure giving you a deeper appreciation of your standards, boundaries and expectations when it comes to sex with others. Being able to communicate and articulate what you enjoy to a partner can step change the quality of partnered sex and bring more pleasure for you and those you are intimate with.


    3. Improved self-esteem and confidence

    This is one of our favourites. Studies have shown a link between masturbation and increased levels of self-confidence. Not only do pleasure hormones help boost our mood, but understanding how we can pleasure ourselves (rather than relying on others) leads to a sense of independence, pride and self-esteem. Trust us, it’s empowering!


    Interested in exploring sexual wellness but not sure where to begin? Head over to SheSpot, a women’s sexual wellness brand entirely focused on bringing women the pleasure we deserve. Discover a selection of the best sexual wellness products designed for women by women as well as top tips and guides on all things pleasure!

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