Why essential oils are essential for your face

Why essential oils are essential for your face

Matteo Pelucchi
Essential oils have been a key part of skincare since Ancient Egyptian times, used in both cosmetics and for medicinal mixtures. The Egyptians must have been on to something, I mean we all know that Cleopatra had a skincare regime of dreams, so if it was good enough for her why would we ignore it?

So what are essential oils?

Essential oils are the compounds of plants, (basically a mixture of good, natural stuff). The flavour or ‘essence’ of the plant gives it its individual characteristic.

Most essential oils are obtained through steam or water distillation, or fancy machine-driven techniques like cold pressing. After this, they are mixed in with a carrier oil, cream or gel to create a skincare product that supercharges you skin – ta dah! Please note, that essential oils shouldn’t be applied directly onto the skin and need to be diluted in a blend first – they are potent stuff and need to be used with caution.

So why do I need them for my face?

There are three powerful reasons that essential oils have stood the test of time in skincare:

Direct healing action on the skin – supporting healthy skin cells, repairing, fighting infection, tightening, toning, softening, cleansing, hydrating and moisturising. You name it; the plants have got the power.

Help your body heal from the inside out too - essential oils have molecules so small they can penetrate the semipermeable layer of skin. Meaning they can be transported around your body, busy balancing, eliminating toxins and repairing, all to help keep your organs healthy and happy at the same time as making your skin look great.

The fragrance supports your mood and wellbeing – the beautiful smell essential oils give off can support so many moods like stress, tension, worry and hormonal, all of which are emotions we know can take a toll on our physical wellbeing and on our skin too.

Why not get some of these lovely oils helping your face survive the ups and downs life throws at you?

When expertly blended, essential oils are generally considered safe to apply to the skin, but do always check the label in case something in the ingredients isn’t quite right for you…

Sim Stevens, qualified aromatherapist @sensesbysim

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