Winter is the perfect time to master body care according to this writer

Jasmine Wicks Stephens
You might be the biggest skincare lover (hello, you're on the Faace website), but are you showing your body the same amount of TLC? If even the thought of moisturising from the neck down gives you chills, fear not - body care is not as complicated as it sounds.

From smart exfoliators to luscious lotions that give you that next-level smoothness, we have put together a super-easy guide to help you start showing your skin that extra bit of care… because you deserve love from head-to-toe.

Breaking into body care is not only bound to up your self-care game, but it actually deeply benefits your all-over state of wellbeing.

‘While face-focused skincare continues to grow at an exponential rate, bath salts and body polishes are on the rise as consumers and brands make a connection between overall wellness and skin health’, says writer Rachel Jacoby Zoldan in a piece for Business of Fashion. Kseniia Galetynska, senior analyst for EuroMonitor, points out that the recent buzz around body products ties in with the idea of beauty rituals increasing becoming a holistic practice that we turn to as a way to support both our mental and physical health. But being kind to your skin from the neck down is not just about self-care; ‘just like the skin on our face, the skin on our bodies is exposed to the same aging process and environmental factors like sun and UV-induced damage,’ says dermatologist Tiffany Libby, MD in a piece for Vogue.

Whilst the need to sanitise our hands more often than usual has led to everyone emptying the hand cream shelves, areas such as our chest and neck still often get neglected (+ when did you last do a head-to-toe skincare session? Asking for a friend!). Building a trusty skincare routine for your body is actually easier than you think; the skin on our bodies is often thicker and less sensitive than our complexions, so you can safely play around with formulas with less risk of irritation.

If you’re ready to show your body the love it deserves, here are three key steps to introduce into your routine:

Start dry brushing

This beauty-editor endorsed practice has become a hot topic in the body care world. And rightly so, dry brushing can boost circulation, help tone your body and promote the removal of toxins by supporting your lymphatic system. The recommended way to do it is starting at your feet and working your way upwards, using circular motions and small strokes. This gentle method of exfoliating your body will sweep away any dead skin cells and is bound to banish in-grown hairs and clogged pores. Experts also point out that getting into the habit of dry brushing in the morning can also act as an energy kick; by stimulating your blood flow and circulation, this habit can increase your energy levels and act as a pick-me-up when you need that extra boost.

(Aim to) exfoliate twice a week

Exfoliators are game-changers when it comes to polishing away any dead skin cells to reveal that next-level smoothness. If you’re a regular fake-tanner, adding this step into your routine will work wonders to banish patchiness and ensure your skin is ready for a fresh layer. Grainy scrubs are amazing at boosting circulation and pave your way to silky skin. For a smart-skincare swap, however, turn to chemical body exfoliators. Harnessing the powers of the same acids we use on our faces to lift away any dead skin cells that are clinging on for too long, these next-gen formulas have been hailed for their power to transform your skin. To support your skin’s barrier and ensure you aren’t over-exfoliating, the general expert advice is to introduce this habit into your routine twice a week.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise…

As obvious as it sounds, moisturising your body is the best way to lock hydration in and wave any dry patches goodbye. The aim here is to try and coat your body in your favourite moisturiser on a daily, but if life gets in the way, attempt to do it at least a few times a week. Moisturising your body supports your skin’s barrier, helps it maintain its elasticity and prevents irritation, especially as most of the skin on our bodies is trapped under layers of clothes for several hours. If you’re in the mood for a pamper session, turn to the stellar skin-smoothing properties of body oils; not only does the process feel uber-luxurious, but it also replenishes dryness and helps keep your skin happy. Quick word of advice though – if you have any areas that are prone to breaking out (for example, shoulders or chest), avoid using heavy oils on them. Instead, spot-treating the areas with ingredients like tea-tree is likely to keep your skin happier. Period Faace is also amazing as a leave-on formula for any chest and shoulder breakouts; its antiseptic properties work a treat at calming down any irritation and keeping blemishes in check.

Written by Maria Bita @imariabita

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