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Beauty routines that soothe the mind: because we could all do with a little bit of that right now, right?

Jasmine Wicks Stephens
The beauty industry has started taking a more holistic approach towards products and routines, tapping more and more into the idea of self-care. We doubt you can scroll through your insta feed, without seeing that buzz word. With many confessing that their beauty ritual is increasingly becoming their only chance to unwind and take time for themselves after a long day, there are now more than a handful of ways to enhance this experience. From crystal healing to aromatherapy, this beauty writer suggests some of the best ways to turn a simple skincare routine into a self-care ritual.

How to build a skincare routine. Step 1, set the mood

Starting with the lighting and scents you choose to create a calming set-up, there are lots of steps you can follow to ensure you maximise relaxation during your routine. If it’s the morning, start up by letting in fresh air – something as simple as opening your windows can be an instant mood-booster. Look at introducing scents into the mix – they have a wonderful power of awakening your senses. Candles or incense sticks filling the air with uplifting citrusy scents, eucalyptus, juniper or any outdoorsy smells are always a good call.

In the evening, try to create a relaxing environment that will easily send you off to dreamland. Lavender, Jasmine or Chamomile are only a few of the calming scents that are bound to transport you into relaxation. Crystals are also a popular way to create a calming environment – whether you believe in their celebrity-endorsed healing properties or are just in for the aesthetics, they surely have the power of enhancing a relaxation space.

Choose the right skincare products

When curating your routine essentials, try to introduce at least one mood-booster – that can be anything from an essential-oil based product (they have brilliant healing properties), to a zingy cleanser (give your skin those antioxidants) or an uplifting face mask (Sweaty faace features grapefruit and Vitamin C – delicious combo!). If you’re feeling fancy, add in a face massaging tool, such as a Jade or Rose Quartz roller to work the goodness of your skincare into your complexion. They can help reduce puffiness and increase circulation, and the process itself is very relaxing.

Bath salts are also a great way to transport your body into relaxation, soothe your mind with calming scents and relieve any muscular tension. Add essential oils into the mix before diving into your well-deserved soak to create a more luxurious experience and enjoy their benefits from head to toe.

When it comes to everyday make-up, try having a playful approach– and go for feel-good colours (hello there, bright lips) if you feel experimental. Allow yourself to get creative and introduce novelty into your routine. Using make-up as a tool of self-expression can instantly boost your mood and challenge your imagination.

Comfort is key to any beauty routine

This should come as a given, but take your routine as an opportunity to pop on some comfy clothes. Stick to cotton and linen as they are the most kind-to-skin fabrics, and slide on some warm socks – Faace has got you covered in this department. At night time, silk is a fabulous choice to wrap yourself in for a comforting embrace.

Bring in the entertainment

If peace and quiet isn’t your thing, why not use your skincare routine as an excuse to catch up on Netflix, watch Youtube videos or put on an uplifting podcast. Having some sort of entertainment will make you more inclined to spend the time massaging those products in (upward motions, always!) and it will provide a distraction when waiting for your facemask to work its magic.

When working from home, it’s easy to let go of your routine as your day might not be as well-segmented, so take this opportunity of having more time on your hands to practice some self-care rituals – it will benefit you in the long run. From bubbly baths to scented candles, building a relaxing regime is a great stress-reliever as it allows you to take some time out and focus on looking after yourself in an indulgent way.

You can find beauty writer Maria Bita @imariabita

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