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Vianney Leigh is a ‘Period Coach’. Here she tells Faace ‘Why using your period power is the key to avoiding activism burnout’

Jasmine Wicks Stephens
What is activism burnout? Wouldn't you agree that talking and taking action with regards to racial injustice and social change is exhausting, hard, scary, and uncomfortable? As I know too well, I've experienced this my whole life. Things being harder, scarier, and more uncomfortable sometimes than my white peers. But it doesn’t have to be. Because there is something more important at hand here.

I didn’t write this to share this information because I want you to feel sorry for black people and other marginalised communities who experience discrimination, racial injustices and prejudice. I wanted to share this information because I want to make you aware of the severity of the problem that we face in our society, and to motivate you into action in the truest, the most authentic, heart-centred and approach without burnout and that is through cycle-syncing.

To explain, activist burnout is a condition in which the accumulative stress associated with activism becomes so debilitating that once-committed activists are forced to scale back on or disengage from their activism.

Social justice and human rights activists are especially susceptible to burnout because they put pressure on themselves to have a significant impact on the world around them. I believe, that if you sync your activism actions with your cycle then you’re able to avoid the need to push your self -care to the side-lines. This is where cycle-syncing comes in.

What is cycle-syncing?

Whether you're a complete beginner or seasoned pro to cycle-syncing, the method created by Alisa Vitti, you’re probably curious for me to talk about it, right?

There are five hormones that run the house of your menstrual cycle experience:

  • Oestrogen
  • Progesterone
  • Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)
  • Luteinizing hormone (LH)
  • Testosterone

The amount of each of these hormones changes four times throughout your cycle which creates the four phases — follicular, ovulatory, luteal and menstrual. At all these different phases you will feel emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically different. You might also notice that you feel different week to week. And that is because each of these hormone blends changes your brain chemistry week to week throughout the month.

Now knowing that your neurochemistry is not the same from one day to the next, would you consider asking yourself why should you eat, work, move and live in the same way day in and day out? Many people believe that we all should be following a 5am power hour morning routine, followed by a super sweaty spin class or HIIT workout. But, think about what would happen, if you were to drop that belief that you should be doing all those things every day?

That notion of sameness doesn’t allow you to journey in harmony with your health and your activism efforts as you could if you worked with your intuitive feminine cycle (your infradian rhythm, as Alisa Vitti, has determined as a longer biological clock that usually occurs once a month, like your menstrual cycle). Cycle-syncing means choosing behaviours, habits, thoughts, and routines, that honour, nurture and optimise you based on what’s happening biochemically and physiologically.

Helping you to feel aligned, attuned, and energized when you learn how to integrate this into your social change and racial justice projects.

Because in this way, you not only honour your feminine energy, you can also use it to your advantage to elevate and transform every area of your life, And most importantly the lives of others.

What is period power activism?

Right now, perhaps on a subconscious level you may be thinking… That either your period or social change work is a disruption, too much work or ANOTHER thing to add to your long list of things to keep on top of. I therefore, am going to invite you to explore the empowerment formula for success.

This formula will empower you while journeying in partnership with cycle awareness and activism that, and it is that, Cause is greater than Effect. In Neuro-linguistic programming, we are taught that cause is greater than the effect. Most people live in effect in today's world, only looking at the outside circumstances for things that are happening in their lives. By looking at cause you start to take responsibility for your life and you inevitably become more empowered.

If you want justice, the change if you want to succeed and commit to this new level of identity as a business owner and a human you have to put yourself at cause for it. And no matter what race you are, black, white, or brown. You have to ask yourself when you see and hear the injustices or feel the pain of the disparities happening around you in society and on this planet - how am I at cause for this?

Period Power Activism is standing with a purpose and power, putting yourself at cause for creating change, equity, inclusion, liberation and justice. It’s about being open and willing to receive wisdom and guidance from the source, your highest truth that is found within your sacred cycle.

I wonder if sitting here, reading this has made you think about your menstrual cycle now in a completely different way. Because the power to create change lies with you and your cycle. And I bet you’re curious to explore this more - aren’t you? If so, then..

Here are my top tips to get started on using the power of your period

One - Start tracking your cycle as soon as possible. Make a note of the first day of your last period and count forward so you know the day of your cycle. Day 1 should be full flow bleeding not just spotting. This is your menstrual phase. Use this time to commit to resting and restoring while you fight for social change and racial justice.

Two - Cultivate having more energy to carry out your activism work by recognising that you don’t have an issue with managing your time, you have an issue with managing your energy. Use your time and energy wisely and ask yourself following:

  • Am I getting enough rest?
  • Am I skipping meals and not eating nutritiously?
  • Am I saying yes when I actually want to say no?

Three - A tip for understanding your hormones for activism and social change is to schedule tasks for more successful planning and performance according to where you are in your cycle. This is usually best during the ovulatory and luteal phase. Instead of expending all your energy in one go once you've finished your bleed, pace yourself, let nature take its course.

You can find Vianney Leigh (Menstrual Cycle, Success & Mindset Coach, Certified NLP, EFT, Hypnosis Practitioner) and Founder of Status Flow Collective

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