Easy up do’s for all hair types from celebrity hair and makeup artist @gemflossi

Easy up do’s for all hair types from celebrity hair and makeup artist @gemflossi

Jasmine Wicks Stephens
Celebrity hair and makeup artist, Gemma Wheatcroft is the expert when it comes to cool, curled and laid back styles. “Here’s my three top super-fast, super simple, super chic up do hairstyles that work for most hair types” says Gemma…

1. Modern Messy Bun

This effortless style can make even knotty bed head look instantly groomed and chic.

  1. Brush hair into a high ponytail and secure with a hair band
  2. Twist the length of your ponytail round into a bun
  3. Secure the bun with a few grips or pins
  4. Pinch and wiggle up some pieces through the crown of the head to add some volume and height. Pinch and rub some pieces through the bun to give it the cool girl edge
  5. Add three or four decorative clips in a row at the back of your head from the nape to the bun. This will keep in strays and give some sass to the back!

2. Crown Braid

This pretty spring up do is perfect for second- or third-day hair, will bring give you that festival feel and get you all the compliments!

  1. Part your hair down the middle
  2. Take one side and plait your hair from the top of your ear down to the ends add a clear band to secure the ends if needed
  3. Repeat on the other side
  4. Pinch out and loosen some strands from each section of the plaits to create a messier, fuller plait
  5. Cross the plaits over front part of your crown
  6. Secure with bobby pins
  7. Decorate the plaits with decorative clips to add the fashion edge

3. Low knotted pony

Sexy, summery and simple. This up so adds some oomph to the standard boring pony.

  1. Texturise your hair with some dry shampoo or texture spray
  2. Divide hair in half
  3. Double knot the hair at the base of the neck
  4. Secure with a few pins
  5. Backcomb the ends to keep in place
  6. Decorate the sides from behind the ear to the pony with 2 or 3 decorative clips

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By Gemma Wheatcroft @gemflossi

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