How to get your flawless Zoom face on in only 5

How to get your flawless Zoom face on in only 5

Jasmine Wicks Stephens
Pro makeup artist, Ciara O’Shea (Gwendoline Christie and Alexa Chung), gives you the simple steps to getting your makeup done in next to no time.

Sweaty faace is the best primer according to many of our makeup artist and consumer fans. So, once you’ve primed, Ciara O’Shea has given us the DL on how to get your Zoom face ready in five. Because, whilst we’re not ready for the world to see us without, we also can’t be arsed to spend more than five mins on our make-up right now.


  1. Start by doing a Faace mask. Let your mood dictate your pick
  2. Leave it on the skin for 10 mins then remove
  3. Add a hydrating essence, serum and/or moisturiser and prime with Sweaty faace
  4. N.B You could just apply Sweaty Faace post cleanse if you want to speed things up


  1. A good radiance cream on the cheeks and high points of the face helps give the skin a glowy healthy appearance
  2. Next use concealer to soften any blemishes and conceal any dark circles under the eyes, redness around the nose and mouth
  3. Take a brown/navy/black kohl eyeliner and push it in to the lash root on the upper eyelid
  4. Use a thin cotton bud to thin out the top of the liner so as the line is super fine
  5. Curl the lashes
  6. Apply a thin layer of mascara
  7. Use a cheek and lip tint on the apples of the cheeks and on the lips
  8. Apply a hydrating lip balm
  9. Groom and fill brows

Pair these tips with the Faace Pack – a great gift to you or someone else. For a limited time only, we’re offering the Pack at £24, featuring:

Your mask of choice – Period, Tired or Sweaty Faace.

Gold hair pins to keep your hair out of your faace.

And as we’ve spotted socks and sandals all over Instagram, plus let’s face it, being a bit more cosy right now, really isn’t going to hurt, we think you should adopt this trend and wear your feelings on your feet with our ‘Tired’ ‘Faace’, ‘Sweaty’ ‘Faace’ or ‘Period’ ‘Faace’ socks. Note – we haven’t given you tips on how to do this one, as we think you can manage it by yourself.

Plus, because we still have periods on lockdown, for every Faace Pack purchased, a pack of period products will be donated to someone in need via social enterprise, Hey Girls.

By Ciara O’Shea

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