Eco-conscious beauty for World Earth Day and beyond

Eco-conscious beauty for World Earth Day and beyond

Jasmine Wicks Stephens

Let’s be clear, no consumerism is completely sustainable. But at Faace, we’re committed to considering people and planet, when making decisions for our brand.

Giving back to support period poverty.

Period poverty is no joke. If you can’t afford towels or tampons then taking care of your period faace is not going to be top of your priority list, and we totally get that. Which is why every time you buy our Period, Tired, Sweaty 100ml masks, Stress faace moisturiser and Müll Club soap dish, we’ll provide a pack of sanitary products to someone in need. In partnership with social enterprise Hey Girls, we operate a buy one give one initiative, and have done so since our launch in 2020.

Supporting those going through menopause.

There are over 50 symptoms of menopause, and they can be seriously debilitating for those experiencing them. When we launched our Menopause Faace cream, it was due to a need we were seeing from the people around us. It’s also why we decided we wanted to take action and donate to The Menopause Charity for each one sold.

Making a soap dish out of plastic waste.

We’re super proud of our soap dish. Made with our pals at Müll Club, the Faace soap dish has been designed to be paired with our Filthy Faace face and body bar. Each soap dish saves around 64g of plastic (the equivalent of two large milk bottles and their lids) from entering a flawed recycling system, incineration, or landfill and is made from old Quality Street tubs (to get that perfect Faace lilac).

No animal testing, ever.

Our full Faace line-up is 100% cruelty-free. 

Made in the UK, organic, natural and ethically sourced.

Our skincare is formulated with the highest quality natural and ethical ingredients. If we decide to use an ingredient that isn’t natural, then this will have some serious considerations behind it. Hint, we might have a new product launching soon.


Our products are formulated with vegan-friendly ingredients. 

Our packaging.

Our tubes are made from 60-70% PCR plastic and all of our products are fully recyclable. We’re exploring refill options, which we hope to launch this year, and as soon as we’ve sussed it, you’ll be the first to know.


And that’s it. No greenwashing, just transparent communications with you, our community. If you have a question about Faace, we’re always here to help.

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