Skincare and ADHD – 4 ways to simplify your skin routine

Skincare and ADHD – 4 ways to simplify your skin routine

Jasmine Wicks Stephens

ADHD is a condition that is often spoken about in general terms, but so little is truly understood in terms of how it impacts individuals on a day-to-day basis. According to there are currently 2.6 million people in the UK with ADHD, with an increasing number of people being diagnosed for the first time during their adult years. The neurodiverse condition typically manifests as restlessness, having trouble concentrating (and conversely, being hyper-focused), impulsiveness, and hyperactivity.

Written by Keysha Davis.

We often have a stereotypical view of what a person living with ADHD looks like. For example, the young fidgety child who can’t sit still in class, or the friend who talks constantly at rapid pace. But what is more difficult to recognise is the everyday person living with ADHD who silently experiences challenges dealing with the minutiae of daily life, such as establishing a skincare routine that is simple yet effective and doesn’t overwhelm. Dr Laura Geige, Medical Doctor and Psychologist at Glow Bar London, agrees, stating: “As a seasoned medical doctor and dermatologist, I understand the challenges of managing a skincare routine when life is already buzzing with activity. The key to a successful skincare routine for ADHD is simplicity. I suggest opting for a minimalist approach for your skin without overwhelming steps.” We couldn’t agree more. Most of us are aware that neglecting our skincare routine can lead to all sorts of issues such as breakouts, skin inflammation and clogged up pores. So, if you have ADHD and are seeking an easy breezy skincare that doesn’t involve a 20-step-routine, then read on for our time savvy skincare tips.

Streamline your product stash

Organisation is key to mitigate any type of overwhelm for those with ADHD. The challenge, is, however, we are currently bombarded with unlimited choice when it comes to skincare products, and most of us are guilty of constantly introducing new products and formulations into our skincare routines that often overwhelm both our skin and our brains. Instead, we suggest you pare down your routine and stick to key essentials of cleanser, moisturiser, and treatment to apply on a regular basis. We recommend using FAACE’s Hydration Station , a fuss-free, trio of products that provides your skin with everything it needs for a healthy complexion: a cleanse, treatment and hydration boost.


Set a scheduled time aside for nighttime routine

For those who have ADHD, one of the main challenges of implementing an effective skincare routine is sticking to nighttime regimen. With so much typically happening during the evenings – cooking evening meals, catching up with friends, watching a Netflix series – it’s easy to be distracted. One way to combat this is to set an alarm to remind you its time to start your nighttime skincare regimen, or alternatively, you can bring your routine forward, so it won’t slip off your evening to-do list. Skin Expert and owner of re/skin clinic, Sheffield, Rebecca Elsdon, says, “Individuals with ADHD can often struggle with maintaining a routine, which can be a hurdle when considering overall skin health.  Very often nighttime routines can go out of the window, so my advice is to not wait until bedtime to do it. It's ok to cleanse and apply your skincare either when you get in from work or after your tea, if it means it will get done.”


Use multi-functional products.

One of the most effective ways to streamline your skincare routine is to apply products that are multifunctional. FAACE’s Dull Face Creamy Cleanser is the ideal example of a multi-purpose product that will ultimately contribute to helping you trim down your product stash in your bathroom cabinet. This 2-in-1 product is blended with a combo of acids, nourishing, and hydrating products, and functions as both a daily cleanser and weekly mask that draws out dead skin cells and impurities.



Turn your skincare routine into a calming ritual.

We are living in highly stressful and hyper stimulated times, and collectively we could all do with chilling out to be totally honest. This is especially true for those with ADHD, who are often more impacted by increasingly fast paced times we live in, and as such, are vulnerable to conditions like anxiety, stress and burnout. Dr. Laura Geige Medical Doctor, Psychologist, Lithuanian University of health sciences, advises those living with ADHD to use nighttime skincare routines as a time to calm and slow down our brains. She says, “It is necessary to turn your skincare routine into a calming ritual. Taking a few minutes for self-care can be beneficial for both your skin and your mental well-being. I advise that you choose products with soothing scents or textures to make the experience more enjoyable and
create a sense of routine and relaxation.” For a soothing skin treatment with therapeutic qualities opt for FAACE Stress Face Moisturiser, a calming face cream for stressed out skin, blended with aromatherapeutic ingredients, such as jasmine, ylang ylang, geranium and patchouli.

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